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OK shoot me down like a slow, lame pigeon with a red disc painted on its chest, but I reckon the wisdom of the many is a bit of a myth. Wikipedia is actually fuelled by a surprisingly small number of people. Then it’s improved by many. The Guardian has almost as many contributors who aren’t […]

Advertising is full of Alpha types. The ones that want to do it all themselves and get all the glory. Any visit to an awards ceremony will tell you that. Or look at the awards annuals. Suddenly the clever child has many fathers. I’ve seen a single press ad with three or four art directors […]

Here’s a cool little idea for clorets. Shooting range targets in the shape of the offending smell. So clorets targets that smell and gives you fresh breath. So far so good. And I’ve seen stuff like that before. Rubbers (erasers), fire extinguishers and so on, getting rid of some metaphor or other. But here’s where it gets […]

At school, I only ever won one race. It was in the 200 metres, against a kid who had challenged me to a fight. I hate fighting and I’d let him kick lumps out of me. So I still bore a grudge. He was small and fast. I was big and lumbering. But I had […]

I have a friend called Norrie. He’s famous for hilarious but graphic stories. We often tell him “TMI, Norrie. TMI.”  It slows him down a little, but not much. We suffer from a different kind of TMI in life, all the time. We get too much of it. And we give too much of it. Ever […]

For every shop that does it as well as Pink there’s a shop that does it badly. Here’s one: Oil & Vinegar. They sell olives and balsamic vinegar and little dishes and cans of sundried tomatoes. Smells great when you go in. I went in and instantly loved it.  There were some paper carrier bags […]

Dear Guinness I hate the new Guinness ad twice as much as I loved the Surfer ad. And I really loved the Surfer ad. I don’t care if the director assembled an “elite team” They created a rubbish ad. Overblown, pretentious, condescending twaddle. Teams of men pull trees up to create the world.? Bollocks. Lots […]