Even now, we are all from somewhere.


The New Digital World Order means that we’re all internationalists. You can talk to someone from Fiji as easily as someone from Folkestone.

But something happens when we travel. Your points of differences become talking points. The first question you ask a new friend abroad is “where do you come from?”

signpostIt’s the same with brands.

The more international you become, the more people want to know what your background is.

It doesn’t always have to be a specific place. A brand can occupy a vague territory. Stella is Belgian, but it’s thought of as French, or Continental.

Bacardi is from Cuba, then Puerto Rica and now headquartered in Bermuda. But we all think of it as Latin American.

Grolsch is a dutch beer. And for six successful years, I helped build the brand as “my Dutch mate.”

With Amsterdam as your background, you can build a lot into a brand. Relaxed. Liberated. Effortlessly cool.

We even traded on the red light credentials with a Green Light Area in British pubs, where Grolsch was served perfectly and table service was de rigeur.

Now Grolsch is building its brand on the fact it makes a noise when you open it. And it tastes great.

I’m not sure if people will connect with it the same way.

Better to come from the wrong place than no place at all.

Remember Vodka from Varrington?


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