How much do I hate the new Guinness Ad?


Dear Guinness

I hate the new Guinness ad twice as much as I loved the Surfer ad. And I really loved the Surfer ad.

I don’t care if the director assembled an “elite team”

They created a rubbish ad. Overblown, pretentious, condescending twaddle. Teams of men pull trees up to create the world.? Bollocks. Lots of heroic men dragging the grass back to save coastal erosion? Please. Really, please don’t do that. Too late, you did.

Do you really have a clue who you’re talking to? People like me who get the whole strong, cameraderie thing. But you’ve made it look like a pantomime of a bad telecomms ad.

My mates would laugh at me if I told them we needed to get out and (I had to check the video three time) “bring things to life”. I hated this twice as much as I liked Surfer. And I liked Surfer a lot. How could you create something like this and think it is good? How? Just ask some real blokes, not the ones you pay £20 to turn up at a focus group. It’s horrendous. Awful. Embarrassing. Born of a tortuous internal brand planning session where everybody thought they’d discovered the Holy Grail.

Instead, you created an unholy mess… A self-love fest for client and agency, leaving us consumers standing like awkward voyeurs.

Am I the only one who thinks this has taken advertising back 20 years?

And then…. as much as I hate the Guinness Ad, I love the new Carling ad. Simple, unpretentious and consistent. And I should have every excuse for hating BMB cos they pinched Carling off my old agency. Compare their new one with the Leith Agency’s old one (done by Chris Landy and Lee hempstock)


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