Not so lucky bags.


intro_logoFor every shop that does it as well as Pink there’s a shop that does it badly. Here’s one: Oil & Vinegar. They sell olives and balsamic vinegar and little dishes and cans of sundried tomatoes. Smells great when you go in.

I went in and instantly loved it.  There were some paper carrier bags near the door with their logo on and the legend “£10 lucky bags”. I asked what they were. “They’re lucky bags” I could see that. What was inside them. “All different. They’re lucky bags” said the disinterested sales girl from behind her desk.

Drawing a blank with her, I opened one to look inside. Here’s what they had. Twenty paper napkins. A bag of crostini. And a light-feeling jar of something like capers or relish. For £10. Then the assistant (who had kept her distance when I was asking for help) came up to me, snatched the bag out of my hand and said “You’re not allowed to do that”.

Pink take their shirts out of the packages. The Gap were some of the first to scatter their product all over, encouraging you to muss, feel, fiddle, hold up to the light and do whatever you wanted.

Oil & Vinegar want you to part with a tenner for a mystery product just on their say so. As trust exercises go, that’s steep.


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