Do something impossible


At school, I only ever won one race.

It was in the 200 metres, against a kid who had challenged me to a fight. I hate fighting and I’d let him kick lumps out of me. So I still bore a grudge.

He was small and fast. I was big and lumbering. But I had anger on my side. That had to be worth an extra second.

We took off. He was marginally ahead. I clawed it back. He edged ahead again. I kept at him and kept at him and it seemed to work. Until at the very last I was completely spent and he nipped over the line a foot ahead of me.

But I was wrong. The finish line I was aiming for wasn’t the real one. In fact I was aiming for a mark at 210 metres, not 200. So when we passed the actual finish line at 200 metres, I’d been ahead of him.

If I’d had my sights set on the actual target, he’d have beaten me.

When we try for hard things, the best we can do is achieve the hard thing. When we try for the impossible, every now and again something incredible happens.


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