Fire and forget? Forget it.


ibelieve_Clorets_targetsHere’s a cool little idea for clorets. Shooting range targets in the shape of the offending smell. So clorets targets that smell and gives you fresh breath.

So far so good. And I’ve seen stuff like that before. Rubbers (erasers), fire extinguishers and so on, getting rid of some metaphor or other. But here’s where it gets great: the creatives didn’t just fire and forget: they didn’t just have the idea and walk away. They thought about the How, not just the What of the idea.

How are people going to see it? Where will they be? How can we cut through? So here are two bits of brilliance.

One, they put the posters in the aisles next to the coffee and the onions.

Two, they turned the aisle into a shooting range.

So instead of a good idea, they got a great one. Bullseye.

Next time you have a fairly good idea, maybe the key to making it great is in the delivery.

landminesPostscript: another example of delivery being part of the idea. These stickers were placed near UNICEF information booths. They squared the circle. Overall result a much more powerful piece of communication.


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