Is 30 your limit?


Most of us learn very little after the age of 30.

We think we’re learning, but actually we’re just refining the same sets of beliefs.

The second stage of life is when we let go of the ego (the little self that is determined it’s right) and embrace the unusual or uncomfortable and allow these things to change us.

This is true learning.

It’s not based on age. Some kids are already in their second stage of life. Some seventy year old fools aren’t.

Stats show that the people most resistant to change aren’t the old. They’ve usually seen things come and go and feel they have no one they have to please.

The stick-in-the-muds are the 40-50 year olds.

Guess how old the average creative director is?

The great creative never stop learning and they never stop admitting they don’t know it all.

John Webster used to get youngsters to crit his work. Paul Arden never lost his childlike enthusiasm.

To be a great creative director, you need to stop thinking you are one. In other words, let go of the ego, and enter the second stage.

The first wine was good, but the second will be better.


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