The problem is the opportunity.


Sometimes the biggest fattest problems are actually opportunities.


Love Jozi had two problems. One, they were an achingly cool Johannesburg T Shirt brand, but only the well heeled could afford to buy them.


Two they could see brands like Nike and Puma getting cloned and ripped off in the market stalls and predicted that happening to them


A bigger brand would do all they could to muscle their IP and threaten copyright law.


Instead they made their own bootleg. They pretended they were made in China (they faked publicity shots in Joburg’s Chinatown) and released the miss-spelled T shirts clandestinely.


Love Jozi’s well heeled clients thought it was cool that others were imitating them, but they “knew” they had the genuine article.


On the other hand, those with 3 rand instead of 13 could get their hands on something almost as cool as the real thing.


All the money went to Love Jozi.


And all the Kudos too, cause they later revealed to both markets that the brands were one and the same. A win-win. And a win at Cannes too, rightly so. Brilliant.


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