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Sometimes the biggest fattest problems are actually opportunities.   Love Jozi had two problems. One, they were an achingly cool Johannesburg T Shirt brand, but only the well heeled could afford to buy them.   Two they could see brands like Nike and Puma getting cloned and ripped off in the market stalls and predicted […]

Today I had a conversation with a very talented designer who’s just started with us. We talked about a project she’s been on and how she’d become a bit stymied by it. Probably because she was brand new and was feeling the pressure to be brilliant right on day one. Then she gave up. Went […]

It happens in every industry. Tell doctors or teachers they have to meet certain targets and suddenly that’s what they concentrate on, rather than teaching or consulting. It’s the same in advertising. Measurement is often about fear. People want to guarantee an ad will work. Or at least guarantee they won’t get sacked if it […]

Just spent an hour with the very bright Steve Rigley from the Glasgow School of Art. He was explaining how over the past few years they’ve begun to centre their teaching around a student’s aptitude and skill rather than a set curriculum. It creates a more tailored experience for each student. And they reach higher heights […]

My friend sheena is a glider pilot. Well in her spare time anyway. She lives in New Zealand where throwing yourself off things is a way of life. She was once coming into land with an instructor. Right at the front of the landing strip was a landrover, parked slightly to the right. Sheena though […]

People are making their own ads. And some of them are quite good. This is what happens when the ad agencies become the establishment. Crafting TV ads that have no connection with real people? Worse still, what happens when those same ad people make things and pretend they’re made by real people and we […]

Fear not…


Fear is the enemy of creativity. Fear stops people saying what they really think. Stops people knowing what they really think. Fear is what makes makes client worry about what their boss will say. So you stop thinking about making the best possible ad and start thinking about pleasing the most number of decision makers. […]